Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Update

A lot has happened since my last post...
I got dumped by my creative muse back in May so my polymer clay dragon is still unfinished. :(
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I took my first trip by train to Vermont to visit a friend.
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Went on a few bad online dates including one where I twisted my ankle.
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And then I found the man of my dreams on Facebook.. I've actually known him since middle school just hadn't seen him in years. He is such a sweetheart and is so good to me. He really makes me happy.
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I can't ever seem to find time to update my blog anymore. I do still try and look at everyone elses blogs on a daily basis if I can.
I've been working on miniatures a little bit lately in my free time. One of these days I'll actually finish a project that I can be proud of.
I miss having things to blog about. I can't promise that I'll actually keep up my blogging but I am going to try to at least post pictures on a regular basis.

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Norma said...

Oh my goodness - it has been an up and down time hasn't it - that ankle looks really painful! I hope that you'll feel like doing more on your dragon soon.