Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Weekend

Sorry I didn't post Friday we were awoken 3am Friday morning to a car fire. My boyfriends car caught fire sometime during the night. My car was only parked a few feet away from his so it got some damage too. It also damaged our neighbors vinyl siding and a little of our vinyl siding. I've never been so scared in all my life. This type of thing just doesn't happen.
We've been dealing with insurance crap all weekend. He didn't have full coverage on his car so he is out a vehicle. His insurance won't pay for any damages to either house or my car. Lucky for me I still have full coverage insurance on mine so I went ahead and claimed it on mine.
heres what his car looks like and yes the hood melted off completely.



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Debora said...

Ooh my!! This looks realy realy scary :-( What a mess and what a dreadful thing to happen, not just to yóur property, but to the neighbours' as well. Are you still on speaking terms ;-S

Good luck with the paperwork, all that extra hassel on top of this unfortunate event, brrrr, so scary