Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have had a love of miniatures my whole life. I got my first cardboard dollhouse for my third birthday. I can still remember my grandfather walking thru the front door with it. My mom made a lot of the furniture.
Three years later my aunt built me a wooden dollhouse that I still have. I started making my own minis for it using anything I could find. My mom always had lots of odd wooden pieces and fabric scraps saved just for crafts.
I created a cardboard roombox scene for a Girl Scout badge in middle school that I wish I had pictures of.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture. I wish I had one of me with my first dollhouse :)

Kathi said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this photo of you! So cute. Can't wait to see the minis you've made.
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You will find the best people here! :D

Debora said...

What a lovely picture in these typicaly faded colors. Graet to see that your love for mini's has been the love of your life. (Is that to big a word? hihi)

Good luck with blogging, and like Kathi said, miniature lovers love miniature lovers