Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aging Metal

I completely forgot that I had bought Blacken-It solution back in February.
I tested out all kinds of different metals to see how they turned out. Before is on the left after on the right.
I'm really happy with how they all turned out. I didn't age any of the watch parts because I want them to stand out against the blackened parts. I'll have to pick up some more E6000 glue because the tube I have has completely dried up.


Kim said...

OOOOHHHH, pretty, pretty, pretty! I love how they turned out- can't wait to see what you create with them!

beyondbaffled said...

I love it! Where can you buy Blacken-It? I bought some mini chain necklaces that I want to use to hang up the wagon wheel chandeliers in my saloon, but they are much too shiny. This would be perfect :)

Norma said...

That's amazing stuff! I must see if it's possible to buy it in Australia. Thanks for the info!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Wow! What an amazing product! Yes, where do you get it? Hardware store, craft store? Lovely patina! My Dad loves E6000!


Sans said...

I will love to get mt hands on one of this bottle! Going to my local craft store today to check!

Margaret said...

Yes I'll also look for this in Australia. I have an idea it may be the chemical used in stained glass. Thanks for showing it.

miniannalee said...

I got Blacken-It at Miniature Designs dollhouse store. But I also found it at Hobby Town USA. I know company that makes it is located right here in Georgia. I'm sure there are other products out on the market.

chinamommy said...

i've never heard of that stuff, but I LOVE what it does!