Monday, June 14, 2010

Yard Sales

Friday during lunch I stopped by an estate sale that I had been to last month. They had uncovered more stuff so they were selling again.
These watches were $1 each

Gloves were 75 cents

These items were 50 cents each

These necklaces were just 25 cents each

Saturday morning I decided to just hit the local sales. When I walked out the door just after 8am it was nearly 90 degrees and muggy. I knew I wouldn't last long out in the heat so I decide to do drive by shopping. There were two sales just a block away from our house and they seemed to only have kids stuff so I didn't bother getting out of the car. I had seen one on Craigslist that said they had crafts so I headed towards it. When I got to the sale I discovered that it was the same yard sale I've been to 3 other times. Her yard is nicely shaded so the heat wasn't so bad.
She had put out a lot more stuff than the other few times I'd been there. Tons of craft stuff and selling it cheap.

$2.50 for everything.

close up of jewelry


Isaac said...

If you like estate sales, you may also like listing your stuff for sale online on It's totally free – no commissions, no fees. Just like regular yard sale, but it runs forever.

Glenda said...

Brilliant finds, Anna - watches and gloves, treasure!!