Friday, July 9, 2010

Look What I found!

While I was searching for my printable fabric I came across my old Maple Town critters. They are all naked so please don't laugh. They were well loved. My friend and I used to play with them outside in the woods. I didn't have many but it looks like I've got Katie's extended family here in Georgia..
I have the entire bear family but only daddy gray rabbit. I also have a larger white cat and some of the other cheaper off brand names. I'll take pictures of the rest of them another time.

I remember being jealous of my friend in Florida.. she had all the Maple Town Families. I loved playing with them. I wonder if she still has all of those...? I'll have to ask.. I played with them every summer when I was visiting family in Bradenton.



Ohhh the bunny is too cute!!! Goodness girl...I love the new hardware your mom gave you!! Yes, that would be super cool stuff to use for another steampunk swap! wow

ReeBan said...

Oh my goodness! I remember these too!! I had the gray bunny family, some of the bears, and something else. They were the neatest things!

beyondbaffled said...

Anna I loved Maple Town as a kid! Now you've made me want to pull mine out :) I'd have to go hunting through the attic at my Mom's a bit first - if I do then I'll share some pics as well!

Katie said...

I'm glad to see that I can bring back good childhood memories! I loved mine so much....and still do. So glad I kept them all! It's fun to see what other people are doing with theirs.