Monday, July 19, 2010

yard sales

There were a lot of local yard sales this weekend be cause we had our Annual Homespun Festival down town. Arts and Craft show with lots of food and fun. I didn't attend the festival because I don't do well in crowds. I decided to stage all of my finds together in one photo rather than each sales find. I've got a mirror and a small table in my car still so I'll have to photograph them some other time.
Front and center is the collapsible shoe storage and bench $2 (nut came unglued from the bottom rods) easy fix
$1 for both the wire mesh containers. .50 cents for the square basket. .25 cents each for the zipper bags. $3 for the hand painted wooden containers. $3 for the tray table. .50 cents for the hand carved wooden box. $1 silver ship container. $2 Wellington Pin. $1 black & white tree photo. $1 swede round container. .50 cent black window container. $5 Craftsman Dust buster. $1 silver clock ($50 price tag on back)


Debbie said...

You certainly have acquired some bargains. Love the oval painted containers..

Minnie Kitchen said...

ooh i love yard sales :)


Great items and even better prices!!