Monday, February 8, 2010

1/144th Scale Projects

I have a few 1/144th scale projects in the works.


I covered a plug like this with railroad ballast to make the fireplace for the cabin.

I thought this electronic part looked like a woodstove so I painted it flat black.

Doesn't this part look like a tiny trunk?


Sans said...

Fabulous mini eyes :)

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Anna, thanks for joining my blog at! Welcome! I see you have many creative ideas for mini's and I look forward to browsing your blog. Have a great day!

Margaret said...

Am amazed by 1/144th scale, and your log cabin with stone fireplace look great. Also love your woodfire stove etc, you are very inventive.

Chris P's Miniatures and more said...

wow Anna you are amazing with the tiny 1/144 scale.
I love your blog. would love to see you post the tuts for the doggies in pipecleaners too cute!