Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I completely forgot to post anything yesterday. I can't believe I have 52 followers now. Thanks everyone.
I thought I would post some of the random dollhouses that I have.
This is my first real wooden dollhouse I got it for my 6th birthday. One of the walls downstairs fell after years of play so I just left it out. Its being stored at my parents house until I can get a larger house where I can display all my dollhouses. My cat thought it was the perfect size for her. She chewed off some of the shingles on the front edge.
I've got 5 or 6 untouched DuraCraft kits in storage right now.
I started building the Greenleaf Taft General Store a few years ago but I found it was just too big for what I wanted to use it for so it has been put back in storage with all the Duracraft kits.
A few years ago I won the Greenleaf Haunted House from the Greenleaf Forum and decided to bash it and turn it into a workshop/studio. I plan on using paperclay to cover the styrofoam base to make it look like a stone foundation.
Greenleaf Haunted House kit 2
Greenleaf Haunted House kit


Pandora said...

What a great photograph of the cat on the house :-)

aru said...

I think you have a lot of work to do.Courage!.


PD.Why I have no cat?

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I love your houses! And Kitty is so pretty sitting on the house she has adopted! I've got to finish my ten-year-old's house soon--got to the wiring and was too afraid to proceed!