Saturday, February 6, 2010

I love Goodwill stores

On one of my first trips to the local Goodwill store I found an unopened Real Good Toys General Store Kit in the toy section. They retail for about $53. I got it for $5.65

General Store Kit

Last night I decided to go to the Goodwill store by myself. I haven't been since before Christmas. A friend from work and I had been going at least once a week but things have been crazy around here. I wandered around the store looking for something that spoke to me. I found a pack of strange colored double sided sharpie pens for 99 cents. I was begining to think it was a wasted trip as I walked down the wood and metal knick knack isles. I was drawn to some wooden drawer dividers but they wanted too much for them so I moved on. While checking out the price on a cute wooden box I kept being drawn to some wood boards wrapped in plastic on the bottom shelf in the back. When I turned the package over I discovered it was 5 unopened packs Houseworks MDF 3/8 Inch Lap Siding.
dollhouse siding

These retail online around $18 a pack.. but look at the price I paid...

dollhouse siding
$1.51 each I grabbed these up without thinking twice.
I'd like to know who keeps donating all the dollhouse stuff to goodwill so I could meet them.


rosanna said...

Thank you for following. I shall keep in touch Rosanna

beyondbaffled said...

Wow! I think you may be the luckiest person ever!

Sans said...

Sometimes I am glad I don't have all these goo deals lurking near me. How can anyone resist? :)

Kathi said...

These are amazing finds! My thrift stores NEVER have anything as good as this!!!
So happy I found your blog this morning! You've made some really nice minis! I love your little animals. So cute! :D

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Anna I just love it when I find really good junk at the thrift or dollar stores. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment like a job well done when you hit pay dirt! I have been on the prowl for a pasta machine as well and I know that there is one out there right now with my name on it at the thrift store. You go girl!
One man's junk is another girl's treasure