Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first Award!

I just received the Sunshine Award from Kim at
Thank you so much. Its so hard to pick just 6 bloggers to pass this award on to.

The rules are to pass the award on to six blogs that you follow then let them know you gave them an award. So I narrowed it down to these six:

Jessie at
Lori at
Josje at
George at
Nikki at
Casey at


George the Miniguy said...

Thank you for honoring me with the award. I guess I'll just HAVE to participate now. You're the third blogger who has nominated me for the same award!! LOL! I'll have to think about this one for awhile, though. There are so many interesting people out there with fun projects. The tough part will not be so much about who to include as who NOT to include! Thank you for following my blog. And nice hats, by the way. I love seeing tastefully done miniatures!

chinamommy said...

thanks for following: chinamommy, i am now following you!! i LOVE mini's too!!!!

Josje said...

Thank you very much for the award Anna, it is much appreciated! And thank you for your offer to send me some brite lites, that is so kind of you. But I think I'll have a try with acrylic tubing. Thank you! -Josje