Friday, February 26, 2010


My grandmother had a big yard sale this past July. All of the family was there to help out with it. Of course we got first pick of all the stuff. While helping set up the day before the sale I found a 15"x10"x6" box labeled "Beads and craft stuff Whole box $1" . It was packed full of acrylic boxes and a plastic jewelry box. She said she had used them to make fancy beaded Christmas balls years ago. I claimed that box without ever looking in the acrylic boxes within. Over the following weeks I started sorting out all the different findings. Every box contained a lot of rusty straight pens so it was a little dangerous digging in them. Here are the pictures of the majority of my finds.
Sorry this is blurry my camera just wouldn't focus on the white beads.
All of these large beads are covered in tiny holeless beads.
These are the random things left in the bottom of the jewelry box after I picked out the above picture.


Kim said...

oh how fun! I love treasures like these- the red and gold mixture has me drooling over my keyboard!

The Old Maid said...

Always needed! :)Lucky girl you are :)

Norma said...

WOW! Did you strike the jackpot or what??!! There are some fabulous treasures in there!

chinamommy said...

i just inherited some vintage craft books & supplies from my gram too- fun, isn't it! so glad there were crafty folks before us! :)

beyondbaffled said...

What a stash! And all for a dollar?! I like the beads that sort of look like snow balls!

JFolk said...

O Lucky you! Such treasures!

Kathi said...

Oh my goodness! I would have gone CRAZY if I found something like this!
Lucky YOU! :)

Pandora said...

What a great find. I specially like the greeny-blue beads in the last photo.

aru said...

Tienes un autentico tesoro.
Administralo bien, pequeña.


FabShabbyRoses said...

OH my I'm too late to sign up for your drawing.....just saw this post. But I have to send a comment your way anyways......what a lovely lucky find for you with these beads! I too have a passion for vintage beads, well Ok I must admit, beads of any kind! I would have passed out to come along on such a find! Lucky, lucky you! Have fun with these!