Friday, May 21, 2010

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I am a believer of spirits and ghosts. I love the show Ghost Hunters and I'm always in search of the paranormal. I just wanted to see how many of my blog land friends were also believers. The only spirit I've ever seen with my own eyes was a white German Shepard we had when I was growing up. My parents had also witnessed this same spirit running past the windows in different locations. We stopped seeing him when we got a new dog.
This picture was taken at a local cemetery in Rome, GA.

Do you see the soldier sitting on the stairs?


Thmini2 said...

Yes I do. In fact the cemetary that is near where my dad grew up is listed as a sight in Wisconsin. There are suppose to be green globes in the cemetary at night. My dad never said that he saw them, but he used to say that when he worked on the neighbors farm he would race home at night past the cemetary. This was in Shirley Wi. I don't know if I spelled that right. We also grew up in a haughted house. I never saw anything but my sisters did. Mom also felt cold spots, ect. At the place I work the day care is located in a very old building as is the hospital. In the day care especially I have seen things out of the corner of my eye. After my dad died I was cleaning over there and I had pulled the garbage before I went to supper, when I came back the childs toilet seat, plastic thingie you put on the big toilet, was across the room. It wasn't there before. I just laughed and said very funny dad. Once after vacumning a hallway I found a short trail of paper from a copy machine. Even with all this I liked working over there. Nice and peaceful. This building was a place that the nuns lived at and also a home for unwed mothers. We don't see much at the hospital even though that is old also. Except for the time that every time we shut off the t.v. in a room where someone died it kept coming back on. So yes I believe. Teresa

Glenda said...

I don't need to believe - I *know*.
I've seen ghosts who look like ordinary people (for example, a lady washing dishes at a bench which was removed decades ago), noise-ghosts (a man going to the bathroom every night in my parents' house), I feel cold spots, I can generally tell which houses have them, even from looking at photos and maps (confirmed later from the tenants), really tall blue-white flame-shaped things hovering in fields at night, lights before earthquakes (but that's not ghosts), and more. I don't mind most of them, but some I'd rather not ever meet again!

Kim said...

I believe in them but I have never seen one. My Mom told me when she was a child she could "watch" herself from outside her body- but I've never been able to do that either.

Glenda said...

Kim - I've had one or two out-of-body events, but only when under stress (one was when I had hit my head and was unconscious for 20 minutes) - having it happen regularly sounds intriguing!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I do believe and when a few years ago, I was in the basement working on projects. I heard my husband come in upstairs, walk across the kitchen floor, pause, presumably to check the mail on the kitcen island and then walk across the great room to our bedroom which is carpeted. After I didn't hear anything from him, I went up to see what he was up to and no one was there. He hadn't come home yet. It was a bit spooky.


Little Messy Missy said...

I have been ghost hunting for 14 years!

Cheryl said...

I believe too. My grandfather visited me after his death. I was sleeping and he was running his hand down and through my hair. I was six when he died and did not know anything about death and what it meant. I told my mother this story not too long ago and she said that he would always sit me on his lap and run his hands through my hair. I never remembered that about him.

beyondbaffled said...

Yes, Anna I do believe. I live in the upstairs of a really old house that was cut up and turned into apartments. Two of my friends lived here before I did – I’m not going to use their real names because I haven’t asked their permission to tell about their experiences. My friend Amy was sitting on her bed one day with a friend when she looked over and written very clearly on the wall was a name and the date 02/14. They could both see it perfectly, but no one has been able to see it since that day. They searched every inch of the wall and even tried to see if something was written on the wall underneath the wallpaper. Amy also got a panicked call from her fiancé once when he was home alone. He was taking a bath and very clearly heard someone unlock the door, walk up the stairs, pause on the landing and shuffle some papers around like they were looking through mail. He knew he was home alone and he knew Amy was at work. It upset him enough that he insisted that she call the landlord to see if he had come over for some reason.
Their roommate Cassie lived in the second bedroom with her son who was very young at the time. He was completely potty trained before they moved in, but then had a relapse. He was absolutely terrified of the bathroom. He would stand in the bedroom doorway and even though the bathroom was just a few feet away he would not go in there alone.
Later they moved out and David and I and our roommate Jason moved into the same place. David and I had the first bedroom and Jason was in the second. Jason is a fairly straightforward, fairly level-headed guy and is in the military full time. A few weeks after we moved in we had Amy and Cassie over one night. Out of nowhere Jason asked them, “if there was someone in the house who never leaves.” Both girls immediately knew what he was talking about and it turned out that Jason and Cassie both had similar stories of a man standing in the corner of the second bedroom.
It weirds me out to think that so many normal people have had experiences here. The only experience that I have had was similar to Amy’s fiancés experience in the bathroom, but I sort of have my own theories on that. David hasn’t had any experiences, but then again he doesn’t believe. I’ve never felt anything but safe in my apartment though. I’ve never felt any sort of malevolent spirit. It’s been years since Jason moved out so now the second bedroom is sort of our computer and craft room. It is where I sit and blog and also work on my dollhouse. Also my turtle tank with both of my RES are in that room as well. I have read before that turtles are guardians and they provide protection and peace in Feng Shui – so who knows?

Anna I love Ghost Hunters too! And I love these kinds of pictures! I always wanted to blog about this kind of stuff, but didn’t know how to fit it in.

Star said...

I do belive in ghosts. I've only had one experience and that was a bit of a shock. My dramaclas was in sweden for a classtrip when it happen. Me and two others went to the swedish operahouse, to see a opera. In one of the breaks, we was sitting in some sort of lobby. I was only wearing a t-shirt, so the room temperature wasn't to cold. But suddenly my hole body went cold, and you could see goosebums on my arms... And just as suddenly as it came, it was normal temp again. I was so stunned that I asked the others and showed them my arms.. One of them told me he felt it to, I knew he was open to ghosts and the alternative. Well, I think its kind of cool.