Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Plans

I bought two tanks of fuel for my torch on Wednesday but I haven't really had time to create the past couple of days. I plan on going to Hobby Lobby after work today to get more glass rods. I'll have the house to myself all weekend so I plan on creating a lot of beads.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow so there probably won't be any yard sales. I really don't need more stuff. I still need to assemble the 6' bookshelf I bought last Saturday at a yard sale. I want to reorganize my craft area. The shelf will take all the books off my wire cube racks and free up space for all my craft containers. I know my boyfriend would love for me to get rid of a lot of stuff but maybe if I just make it all fit in the space better he will be happy.
Wish me luck. I'll have new beads to show off on Monday.

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