Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday's Beads

Photobucket is down for maintence today. So I'm hoping I can load my photos straight into blogger.

I worked on my steampunk swap last night. I was using a tiny screwdriver to take apart an old watch when it slipped and I ended up with a screwdriver buried a quarter of an inch under my fingernail. It hurt so bad and bled like crazy. I finally got the gear off I'd been working on and called it a night.


Debbie said...

That sounds extremely painful..

Glenda said...

Noooo!! Oh that must hurt!
Also, when pulling watches apart, wear safety glasses - the springs pop out in all directions! I find that working in a tray helps, too, as the bits can be lost easily.
Before you use the parts, wash them in very hot water with detergent to remove the coatings and the grease, otherwise the glue won't stick.

Margaret said...

I love your beads I think I would be nervous with that torch blasting so close. Love to see what you will do with them and the watch parts.