Friday, May 14, 2010

Ear Problems and glass beads

I went to the doctor today since my ears weren't any better when I woke up. He said I had a lot of congestion in my ears... I don't have any other congestion How did I get suddenly congested in my ears. He gave me a steriod shot again and a precription for Alegra and nasal spray (yuck, I hate nasal spray)
I thought I was going to go postal in waiting room.. all the screaming little kids and tv noise. They took me to my room and I waited almost an hour by myself just to see the doctor for 5 miniutes.
I went to walmart to get my meds filled and was overwhelmed by all the sounds in there. Another hour wait to get meds so instead of waiting in the loud store I went and bought ear plugs and went in to work. I should have just stayed home today even with ear plugs the noise is getting to me.
I couldn't stand to listen to the tv last night so I decide that I would finally try out my glass bead making kit. I went on the back porch and worked on them for about 3 hours. When it finally got too dark and I couldn't see what color glass rod I was using I called it a night. I only managed to make 5 beads. One turned out great, the others leave a bit to be desired. I took pictures while they were cooling but I didn't upload them yet.


Bellesanbeaus said...

hope you feel better soon! have a great weekend...Beth

Glenda said...

Here I am, sending (silent!) best wishes to you, Anna. Hope you are better soon.

Rachel said...

hi anna i had this problem for ages and still do from time to time it turns out i have hydracephelus its a thing that can be diagnosed by a ct or mri scan and can be treated its worth mentioning to your doctor and maybe they can do the scan for you just to make sure. the noise was terrible do you have problems with bright light also? dont worry its not that bad

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Sorry about your ear issues--I have tinnitus and it wakes me up in the a.m. and causes me to have to constantly ask for the TV or radio to be turned up. I hear a constant ringing in my ears which is worse when everything else is quiet--so annoying. Luckily, hopefully, yours is temporary.