Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yard Sales

Apparently the steroid shot I got on Friday was still kicking my butt on Saturday. I couldn't get cooled off. I probably should have stayed out of the sun completely.

This weekend I decided to keep it close to home for yard sales. The church down the street from my house was having a indoor yard sale so I started off my morning there. I didn't find anything that I had to have. I heard about a community yard sale across town and decided to check it out. Almost every other house in this subdivision was having a yard sale but nobody had priced anything. (big yard sale pet peeve) These were the most crowded yard sales ever. There wasn't any shade in the whole neighborhood. Back to my car air on high driving on to the next sale. Mostly old kids toys and nick-knacks being sold. I did find two wooden tray tables for $5. I also found a black 6' bookshelf new in the box for $10. I ended up leaving that subdivision before stopping at all the sales, I just couldn't take the heat.
I drove back towards where I work and knew there were at least two sales in the shade. I found a plastic case for .25 cents and a box of domino's for $2. I called it a day before noon.

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Little Messy Missy said...

Great deal on the domino's!