Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bottles from Beads

I put these together last night while watching Ghost Hunters. I plan on making more but I'm going to paint the little gold tops different colors. I need to dig thru my collection for small round beads to make fingernail polish bottles. A lot of these beads came from the swap I did with Carolyn at
Sorry if they are a little burry... my camera battery was about to die.
I used fake diamonds for the lids to these I thought it would look fancy.
I don't know what these little metal findings are but they make great lids. I have a lot of them. The hole doesn't go all the way thru so I think they are some sort of cap for straight pins or something. They have little clasps inside the tube that hold onto wire or pins.


beyondbaffled said...

Love your finger nail polish bottles! One question - are the long gold beads all one piece or two? I made some of these for my blog as well, but your top beads look so much better than mine!

P.S. I LOVE Ghost Hunters!!!

miniannalee said...

I don't know what the long gold pieces are.. I have thousands of them.

beyondbaffled said...

Oh now I see - for some reason I didn't see that last picture the first time. Those are perfect! I'm like you - I wonder what they were originally?

Alienora said...

Great effect!

Sans said...

They are very good for nail polish tops!

Caseymini said...

They look like the caps for costume jewelry stick pins. That's the kind that are straight with a fancy head, but they are smaller than the usual ones. Where did you find so many of them? They are great!

miniannalee said...

They were mixed in with all the vintage seed beads I picked up in the wooden wine boxes. I was guessing the lady making the beaded flowers had used them some how.

Flor said...

Cuantas cosas taaaaan bonitas!!!
Que gusto encontrar tu blog