Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More yard sale and thrift store finds

I was cleaning up my craft room and ran across these interesting decorative balls that I bought at a salvage store a couple of years ago. They had two boxes with 12 each in them so I bought them both. (you can never have too many miniature supplies) lol.
Last night when I went to take pictures of the 3 sets of stamps I bought at the yard sale I discovered that 2 of the sets were exactly the same. Grrr...
I got this digital scale at one of the random yard sales we stopped at for $1
This is the handy little tray table I bought for $1.50. Sam thought it might have food on it.
My last stop of the day was at a wild thift store. They had all sorts of odd things. I'll have to go back there this weekend too. They had a ton of ceramic glazes but I don't do ceramics. I bought a dozen 1 cup size ziploc containers for $1.
I searched thru the toys and games for anything that might be useful and came aross this Italian lite toy for $1.
I bought it just for the light pegs. They look like little bottles already.
I also found this old mathmatics game for $1. I bought it just for the wooden pieces. They are the perfect size for mini presents.
Well that's all of this weekends finds.


Sans said...

I have enjoyed shopping with you, Ana. :)

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I have never heard of the game Tuf...

miniannalee said...

I had never heard of the game either.. doesn't look fun to me sounds tuf...lol .. I just wanted the wooden blocks..

Debbie said...

Another lot of great finds. Like the light pegs, they remind me of potion bottles. x