Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Every mini project I work on has its own tackle box container.
I have one for my pipe cleaner bears. All the supplies I need (besides my pliers & glue) are ready to be used whenever I want to make some. I've already measured and cut the parts and have them separated.
Of course I have another plastic shoe box full of whole pipe cleaners.

I have another tackle box for my gift boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon.

One box for my hat supplies.

One box for my Christmas ornaments and wreaths.

And one box just for finished projects that I can carry to show off easily. Because none of my miniatures have a home. My finished presents with bows and mini animals are in separate containers that fit in my purse.


Kim said...

wow Anna- looking at your boxes makes me think I need to get more organized! I love looking at them- makes me happy just to peek into the different boxes-especially the one with the finished items!

Sans said...

Another kind of post I like, how to store minis :). NICE!

Pandora said...

I can't believe how tidy your craft stuff is! No matter how neat I try to be my stuff always ends up in a muddle!